Thursday, July 2, 2015

5 Year Anniversary

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far. 

Things in the Simmonds household have been in full swing as we are getting ready to move to Oklahoma. It was a sad day the day I came to the realization that we were to leave my home state, my job, my home, and my family and friends to support the Mr. in what I hope will be the beginning of an exciting career as a football coach at a 6A high school.

We put our house on the market and are in the process of selling it to a nice family from Washington. I can only pray that they enjoy this house and our community as much as we did. 

It seems like every 5 years something monumental happens in our lives. 10 years ago I met the Mr. on a hot summer Wednesday night at our local karaoke joint and 5 years later we got married.
Fast forward 5 years, and not only are we celebrating our 5 year anniversary, but also our babies being almost 6 months, and us moving to Oklahoma. 

We got engaged in September of 2009 and decided on a June wedding since we were both teachers at the time and knew we would have time off to prepare before and afterwards. I booked the best available date and settled on
June 26th
We had a wonderful lunch at Estillo Gaucho, our favorite Churrascaria Steakhouse in Frisco, and then headed out to Perkins Chapel at SMU where we got married. 

My how our lives have changed since then.

We have gone through so much, including buying a house, putting several stamps on our passports, having our twins, and now making a significant cross state move, but no matter what the challenge we face, we are better as one than alone, and that is all that matters.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Simmonds!
~Mrs. S

Monday, June 15, 2015



Summer is here and I am finally getting around to updating you lovely readers on all things in the suburbs of Dallas.

So, the last day of school was June 5th and of course I was so glad cause I finally get to spend all day with the babies! It was also sad cause my mom didn't have to take care of the babies anymore which means she moved out :( 

The babies turned 4 months on May 15, I turned 31 on May 2nd, the same day as Princess Charlotte was born! I definitely lived it up eating brunch at Blue Mesa/dinner at Fish City Grill and spending time with family (haha lived it up).

I spent my first Mother's Day at home with rainy weather and a wonderful time with the twins and the Mr. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

As usual, Ford is a ham and Sloane is a sweetie.

A few weeks ago we surprised my sis Nance with a small sprinkle for her baby girl.
I can always count on Trader Joe's for the best fresh flowers. I made these arrangements for the table.

Me and the Sloane

My beautiful sister.

I am always snapping photos of the twins since every day it seems like they are growing so much and I want to remember them during these sweet times.

The Mr. jokes that Ford is posing like a soldier during the civil war...

Today, the babies turned 5 months.
I am so grateful for my mother in law. She sends the babies a huge bag loads of clothes like every two weeks so for their monthly pictures I try to dress them with all the cute clothes she sends. I loved this months outfits!

Even though Ford slobbered all over his bubble, I still love this picture.

My little love bug Sloane looks adorable in this pic. 
She looks so chubby from this angle, but I love how I was able to clinch a bow on her short hair.

Hope you all enjoyed reading, 
I miss blogging and hope to return more regularly soon!

Till then, 
Mrs. S

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hello y'all!

Hello lovely readers!
It's been a while, but with good reason! 
Too much to do and not enough time!

So I went back to work 6 weeks ago and I have 4 left before summer starts. I can't tell yall how much I am looking forward to that.

Life has been pretty routine, apart from a few family birthdays (and my own) and today being a rainy mothers day, I haven't really done much except work, teach lessons, and love on my babies!

Thank God my mom is here to help, but I sure do feel like my head is going to explode with so much going on! Motherhood is tough, but with two babies, well you will never know unless you go through it... Either way I want to share pics of the babies, enjoy!

Here are their monthly updates...

Their  4th month birthday is on Friday!

Sloane and mommy

Babies first Easter

Ford met the Easter bunny!

Happy babies

Family photo.
Notice my Lilly for Target jumper, I love it!
Yes, I was one of the crazies at Target 8:00am!
Sloane got some items too...

Ford loves football already!

Babies are doing great overall. They sleep from 10:00pm-6:00am and eat 6 oz every 3-4 hours.
Their next wellness visit is not till the end of the month so I'm not sure on weights, but they seem big and are wearing 6-9 month clothes!

We have been out to eat several times and the babies slept through most meals. A few times Ford has woken up, must be the smells of delicious food, but I just sit him on my lap and he is fine. We have yet to leave them overnight, but I'm confident they would be fine if we did.

Obviously there is so much stuff to share, but honestly, I guess I am not that type of blogger. I used to be more, but I guess I am grown up and over the share every detail of my life thing. I feel like people constantly over share and most of the time what is shared is the same thing... Don't mean to be negative, but as far as motherhood and being a new mommy, knowing my situation is very different than most makes me feel kind of unique and I like that. I love reading other blogs and using social media, but everything seems to be redundant and I am starting to chose to keep my life to myself and spend my time with my babies instead of browsing blogs/Facebook/Instagram for the same people taking the same pictures with different outfits, kind of sick of that... For instance, have y'all noticed that when someone goes out of town or takes a trip they post a picture of themselves and not some cool view of the place they are visiting? Or other people who go to a wedding, and you don't see one picture of the bride and groom but 20 of themselves? My favorite is the obligatory couple picture at a restaurant in front of the meal they are eating... How about a review of the food and maybe I would check it out instead of a picture of yourself??? My husband became much more strict about the pictures we take together a while back (not that he doesn't like taking pics with me and as you saw in our family photo, we are not the worst looking couple) but now I understand why, it shows peoples true colors when they are so self absorbed, and we would rather take pictures of our babies instead of making it all about us... In conclusion, I am over the ego's. 

Sorry for the rant, just felt like I needed to let it out and would love to hear your thoughts on it. Kind of like to know I am not the only person who feels this way.

Hope to be back soon, I miss y'all and blogging!

~Mrs. S

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My take on mommyhood so far.

Hello Everyone!

Monday marked what would have been our 40 week official due date for the babies.

I am overjoyed with how much my life has changed for the better since having these two little ones.
Nobody prepares you for the amount of love, work, sleep depravation, or problem solving skills you feel or have to figure out when you have a baby, let alone two! I feel like writing a book about it someday. Either way, we are almost 3 weeks in on Thursday and I thought I would share some of our experiences as parents. 

1. Birthing recovery is no joke, but it's also not the end of the world. I am feeling absolutely myself since 2 weeks passed last week. I advice all you motherless women to embrace childbirth instead of be scared, doctors know what they are doing and recovery can be painless if you pace yourself and don't overestimate your physical ability.

2. Belly Bandits are God's gift to a new mom. I love mine and would highly recommend all future mommy's get one. I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy, and have lost 36 of it already. I know it is a combination of breast feeding, and losing placenta fluids blah, blah, blah, but my belly is almost back to normal looking because of the belly bandit. I just know it, plus my belly button has pressed back in, I had a serious outie during my pregnancy.

3. Babies ONLY sleep and eat as newborns. I am not sure if I expected something different or not, being a first time mom, I just didn't think that is all that would go on. Can't wait till they can stay awake and play/wiggle around on their own. 

4. You will NOT leave your house, or at least you will not want to. I didn't leave my hospital room after delivery for 4 days. I haven't left my house except for to Pedi appts, and 1 appt for me to the OB, oh wait, I went to Walgreen's for an errand, but I haven't stepped foot anywhere else in 3 weeks!
I have chosen not to leave my house since I don't want to leave my kids, but also, I feel like I look like death so I have no interest in being seen in public.

5. Breast feeding/pumping will take more of your time/energy/emotions than anything else. 
I feel like I am constantly having to keep up with my demand which is every 2 hours, 5 oz!
If I had a singleton, I think I would have enough supply for exclusively breast feeding, plus the next year, but with two, I am highly doubtful I will ever actually store it, let alone have enough for when I "go back to work". It is my reality and I wish it was otherwise, but for now it is %50 breast milk, %50 formula. 

6. Newborn's poop is one of the most hilarious concepts, ever. It varies from "rocket farts" as we nicknamed them, to nonexistent which makes us worry rather than laugh. But, nothing makes us crack up more than a peaceful baby interrupted by a sudden "shart" that brings them to an crying episode until they are changed.

7. Make sure you and your husband agree on the little things regarding all things baby. Meaning, pacifiers, where they sleep, who can come over after babies are born, what are your thoughts on doing everything the hospital tells you vs. what your parents/internet tells you, who gets to sleep/when...
Believe it or not, the smallest disagreement will determine how easy those first few days/weeks go.
Compromise, and ask your pediatrician as many questions as you can think of on that 1st week visit. 

8. Dogs. If you have dogs, they will eventually get a clue, but be ready for it to be a difficult process. My two dogs are worlds apart as far as characteristics go, one is calm and distant, one is always excited when anyone is around and super needy. You can guess which one had the hardest time adjusting to 2 new family members that take up all of our time/attention. My husband is a little more forgiving to my hyper dogs' antics, but if it were my choice, I would send Wrigley to obedience school for at least 2 months till the babies are a little older and I don't have to push her off the couch every time she smothers them and doesn't mind our orders.

9. Showers, oh showers. Because we eat/sleep/shower/do anything around our babies schedule's shower's are a special time for the Mr. and I. Whether I get to wash my hair and shave my legs, or do a quick rinse, showers are like a natural high where nothing compares. I have always cherished long 20 minute showers, but I never realized how much more I do now that they are so rare...

10. The amount of love, pride, and selflessness you will feel when having children is beyond belief. I feel so much love for my two babies, I can't stop kissing them and telling them constantly. My husband and I both just sit around and watch them sleep in silence, and talk about how we never expected to have such beautiful, good, babies. At the same time, I am so proud of the capacity to which the Mr. and I have adjusted being that we are first time parents and we have 2 babies at once. We put all of our needs out the window and cater to these munchkins all day long. I have not worn make up in 3 weeks and I don't mind.

Hope you enjoyed my take on parenthood so far.

Now, some pictures!

Miss Sloane Kate

Mister Ford

Till next time,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Simmonds twins are here!

It has been a week since the little ones were born!

It has been a whirlwind, sleep deprived, and eventful week here in the Simmonds household.

A week ago today, we left for the hospital at the crack of dawn, and came home on Sunday with two new family members. 

And without further a do....

Ford Michael and Sloane Simmonds

I will write a more detailed, fun birth story post soon with pictures and everything, but for now, I must tend to my babies!

Till next time, 

~Mrs. S

Sunday, January 4, 2015

#simmondsbabies2015 Nursery Reveal!

Hello my little pretties!

Thank you for stopping by today as it is the last day before most people go back to work and return to their regular routine, 
and HELLO, 
the Cowboys game is on!!!

It's half time and we are sweating bullets here in the Simmonds household as we were sure we would win today, but now not so much, but we will not give up till the last second of the game!

So, enough of football, let's get to the nursery...

Ta dah!

So, we decided on yellow as a neutral color for a boy/girl twin nursery.
We initially wanted to put their monograms above their cribs, but when we saw these awesome "brother"/"sister" signs at Pottery Barn Kids, we had to have them!

Since there are two cribs in the room, there really wasn't much room for much so we decided on this cube shelf from Ikea instead of a tall bookshelf.

The gallery wall above the changing table/dresser was my idea, and I love the way it turned out. We collected items from a range of places including Hobby Lobby, Target, and the small jacket is my brother in law's. 

Sloane's crib...

My MIL bought this Pottery Barn rocking chair a while back at a Salvation Army for like $75!
I bought the pillow cover and insert at IKEA and monogrammed it with the kids initials. 

We tried our hardest to make the room gender neutral, so there's a little of this and a little of that :)

My little model frenchie's can't wait till the babies are here

How cute is this football blankie for Ford?

Little Ford, a future letterman :) 

Hope you all enjoyed touring the babies nursery, we are 36 weeks tomorrow, so 1 week left!

Please pray for us this week, thank God I don't have to go back to work!

Now, back to the Cowboys game!

~Mrs. S

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas and New Years 2014

Hello readers!

It is officially 2015, and I am officially ready for all of the wonderful things this year will bring.

But, before all this happens, how about if I recap the most low key holiday season of my life...

The last day of school, my students showered me with lots of goodies and gifts. From bags of homemade sweets, to gifts for the babies, I was overwhelmed with all the awesome stuff!

One of my favorites was this cupcake with these little signs on them...

On Christmas eve, we went to our favorite church and attended the 6:00pm service, it was so packed that we had to stand for about 15 minutes, but eventually we sat down and listened to a beautiful message and sang carols. We all got a candle to light during "O Holy Night" and "Silent Night", it was so special I cried.

Here is a picture of my bump with my candle. 

The church was so pretty with everyone and their candles.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family, and Christmas Day with the Mr.'s fam at our house. We made a late lunch and opened gifts, it was a lovely time.

The days between Christmas and New Years were spent doing lots of this...

resting and enjoying our last days as a family of 2 with 2 fur pups. My belly is so big, I feel massive, but thankfully the babies are doing well and they will be cooking for a little over one more week!

For New Years eve, the Mr. and I were invited to the Govea's home fore an Italian dinner pot luck. We decided to bring a delicious shrimp linguini pasta, and it was a huge hit!

There were 6 couples, 2 of which just had babies in the past months and 3 of us are pregnant now!
Meredith on the right is due in March, and Katie to my left is due in February.
It is a very special thing to have babies with good friends, I can't wait for our play dates and Iv'e already decided that Ford will be Lydia's boyfriend and Sloane will be her bestie! (Lydia is Meredith's baby girl)

We came home around 11 since I was already pretty tired, and we have not spent New Year's eve at home in the 9 years we have dated/been married. It was actually really special and we had a great time watching the Victory Park celebration in downtown Dallas on TV.

Well, here is my 35 week 2 day belly. 
When we measured the babies for the first time, I had no doubt they were so big they were going to come right around these days, but since they are no where in sight and I am feeling great, it is looking like we are going to go as far as we can. Week 37 would be ideal, but my doctor is even willing to go till week 38! Can you imagine, 2 more weeks!! I know it is best to keep them in as long as possible, but I am ready for them to be here and since most twins are induced at week 37 weeks, I am really hoping January 12th will be it!

Anyway, I am so happy to say that I am so excited about the next few weeks no matter what happens, and I can't wait to share it with you all in this new year. 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and here's to the best year, yet!

~Mrs. S