Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hello Everyone!

The past few weeks have gone by pretty fast. 

Performances at school, countless lessons and Saturday's spent at orchestra related events have made time go really fast!

This is why I was so excited that today I finally got to spend some time celebrating my little babies at my TCA shower. My husband is a football coach at a high school and the other coaches wives decided to throw me a shower. 

It was such a lovely afternoon spent eating ice cream, playing games and opening some great gifts for the twins. 

I loved the beautiful banner my hostesses made

The ice cream bar was complete with delicious toppings for all to enjoy

One of my besties Kursten

This gift was actually for the Mr. it was a basket full of goodies including this apron titled "Daddy's Diaper Dooties" :)

One of the coaches wife made a quilt for both Ford and Sloane

The whole crew.

Feeling very blessed these days.
So much love coming our way,
thanks to these wonderful ladies for a lovely shower.

~Mrs. S

Monday, October 13, 2014


Hello everyone!

Yesterday was my first baby shower and I couldn't wait any longer to share it with you all.

My family helped host this shower and although the decor and details turned out beautiful, I was most impressed with how many people came to show my little babies so much love and support.
Not only did my aunts from McAllen come up, but so many other loved ones from my high school viola teacher to several of my student's parents to old babysitting bosses were also there to shower my little babies.

I am literally speechless about the whole event so I will just recap with pictures to describe the wonderful time I had. 

My sister had been to a party at this venue before, so after we settled on it, we decided to make the baby shower rustic/burlap themed.

From there we went crazy with all things blue/pink/burlap

We decorated mason jars with burlap ribbon and put candy in them as favors. Since we knew we would be able to find both pink and blue hydrangeas we went with those colors for the flowers. 

My sister saw this project on pinterest and made it for me.

My other sister Aby made me the beautiful "Ford and Sloane" signs. By the way, that's the babies names! My sister also made the darling diaper cake, how cute is it??!

We went with two different cakes and cupcakes as the desert, and they were so delicious!

This is all of my sisters and mom, and my aunts and grandma from my dads side.

We thought of doing a fun photo booth type backdrop with props, we all had a blast taking photos.

My student on the very left, my silly niece and my cousin's girl :)

Another one of my favorite students and her mom

I babysat for the two ladies next to me 14 years ago and taught the one on the very right's 2 kids.

My precious family

My sis who is expecting in a month and my cousin who is expecting in 4 months!

No baby shower is complete without some games, so people had to guess how many sheets of TP measured around my belly, obvi my aunt thought I was way bigger than I actually am...

My sis doing her hostess duties and writing down gifts I received

These premie onsies were a trip, they were soooo tiny and cute!

I loved all my gifts, these two babies are going to have so much stuff by the time they arrive!

It was an amazing time, I feel so lucky to have such loving family and friends.

I still have a few more showers left over, which I am excited about and can't wait to recap with you all.

Thanks for stopping by, and taking a glimpse into my pregnancy, its been a beautiful ride so far!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Gala 2014

Hi all!

I had been looking forward to September 13th ever since I found out that world famous violinist 
Itzhak Perlman would be playing at the DSO's annual gala.

I wasn't sure how much fun I would have considering I am 5 months pregnant and I knew the Mr. would not be able to go with me. I was sooooo glad I ended up going because unlike the past two years I attended, this year was more special for several reasons...

1. My babies got to listen to one of the best violinists in the world, from the womb
2. This month marked the 25th anniversary of the Meyerson Symphony Center which is a very special place to me considering I played countless concerts there in my youth, I got to play a solo my senior year of high school on that stage, I worked there as an usher in high school, my students now get to perform on that stage, and it is one of the original Dallas Arts district buildings!
3. My sister, who had never been to the symphony before got to come with me
4. I got to see my old viola teachers and tell them the news about my babies
5. Before the symphony played their first piece, they played the Star Spangled Banner and the audience in the hall sang along, it gave me chills it was so cool.  

But enough of the talking, here are the photos I took starting with the master himself

Itzhak Perlman and Maestro Jaap Van Sweden

The entire DSO, crazy because there are so many members!

The dinner part of the gala set-up, stunning!

After Party deserts, from The Original Cupcakery

More sweets and gorgeous table-scapes

Me and the bump

Michelle, Tiffany, and I

Me, Tiffany, and Kirsten

My loubies were killing me by the end of the night, so foot massages compliments of the Ritz was just what the doctor ordered

It is tradition in the Mexican culture to take flowers from a party, so I did.
I dont think anyone minded since there were thousands everywhere!

Amazing night with amazing music.

So glad I got to experience it!

Thanks for stopping by,
~Mrs. S

Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello all and Happy Labor Day!

The first week back at school was a great success, 
but having today off is a nice treat if I do say so myself.

Football season has started, and I am so disappointed in the SMU loss that happened last night against Baylor. Nevertheless, I can't wait to cheer on my Ponies this season. 

Today's post is dedicated to all things Simmonds babies since at 18 weeks we have been preparing and buying stuff getting ready for their arrival.

We started on their nursery already and although I would love to show progress, I am more of a "get to point and show me the finished product" so I will wait till its done. I will tell you that we went with a light yellow as a gender neutral color, the window wall has horizontal stripes, we changed out the light fixture for a gorgeous IKEA chandelier, and we started on the board and batten walls that we are slowly taking our time with. 

Although we will be grateful for any gifts given to us at our baby showers, we don't expect people to purchase certain items since there will be two babies and we wanted to get started on buying stuff right at around 8 weeks.

So far anything we have bought has been because we got a great deal, or received an additional item we would need for free.

The first big item purchased was a Fisher Price Snugamonkey Baby swing from Target

I read on my FB newsfeed that Target was offering a free sleeper or rocker (a $60 dollar value) if you purchased a swing, so we dashed there and were able to snag both for the price of just the swing!

We went with the rocker...

Next on the list was a stroller, we decided to spend a pretty penny on one since we knew we would have it for a long time and we didn't want one that would wear easily.
We researched and found the Contour LT at Buy Buy Baby, and went ahead and got it.

A few weeks later we were at a Burlington in Tulsa and found the exact one for $70 less so we purchased that one (which was a better color anyway) and took the Buy Buy Baby one back. 
We love it!

With all the Labor Day sales going on this weekend, we knew there would be sales for some car seats. 
We went to BabiesRus first and found some beautiful Graco car seats at $25 off, plus we would get a free color monitor with each one (a $100 value)!
These will actually last till the twins are 2 years old, and we loved all the extra padding, and the colors!
How adorable are these!


The Mr. and I paid separately so that we could get the 2 free monitors, and of course he couldn't wait to try them out, and they are awesome!

So anyway, that is the latest update on all things baby in the Simmonds household. Stay tuned for some bumpdates and pics of my ever growing belly!

~Mrs. S

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back to School Year 29...

Hello Readers, 

That post title sounds crazy I know, but it's true!

I spent 14 years in grade school, 5 in my undergrad, 2 getting my Master's degree, and this will be my 8th year of teaching! 

School starts tomorrow, and I can not wait to get this school year started, 
I have almost 140 students both in orchestra and guitar and I can 
already tell after all these years, this is going to be the best school year yet.

I also have some exciting news to share, 
we finally know the genders of our babies!

Ta Da!

We didn't do a big gender reveal for several reasons. First off, school starts tomorrow so a big shindig didn't really make sense this weekend. Second, we kind of already had a feeling it was going to be a boy and a girl, so we pretty much told everyone we knew our guess, it didn't seem that fun to tell everyone the same thing we had already told them... Third, we would rather spend our time and energy on a fabulous baby shower. I won't have to do it myself or anything, but I want to be as involved as possible since my sisters will be throwing it, and I am a control freak :)

Either way, we thought using our fur babies would be a fun idea to reveal the gender 
on FB, Insta, and all other necessary social media.

Last week, we had our inservice and all teachers got ready for the school year.
We are trying to improve our school spirit this year, so the Fine Arts department decided to 
go in on our photo booth picture together, and this is what we came up with.

That's me in the big yellow glasses. The assistant band director looks thrilled, huh?!

Today, I met my sisters for brunch at my favorite restaurant in the burbs', Bonnie Ruth's
I wanted to share the big news about our genders and Sunday brunch seemed like the perfect time!

It was my three sisters with their families, but we were missing my parents, my brother and his family, and my last sister and her family.  
It literally has been 4 years since we have all been together (since my wedding to be exact)
With so many of us, 22, it is hard to get all of us in one room.

One of my favorite moments was seeing my nephews walking to the car together, like best buds

I can't wait till my little ones are added to the fun and for them to all play and hang together!

Hope you all have a great week, 
whether you are going back to school, your kids are going back to school, 
or you are teaching tomorrow,  just remember, 
in 1 week we get a 3 day weekend, in 13 weeks is Thanksgiving break, and in 17 is Winter Break!

Oh yeah, and in around 19 weeks there there will be 2 babies in the Simmonds house!

Thanks for stopping by, 
~Mrs. S

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Marbles Beauty and Blowout Bash

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week.

I was so excited when my beautician cousin invited me to a new blowout bar in Plano (a suburb south of McKinney) that offers all types of services from make up, to blowout, to product sales.

Considering the growth of the northern suburbs of Dallas, it was no surprise Marbles Makeup and Blowouts opened up, I mean us suburbanites need to look fabulous too!

The event was from 4-7pm, which was nice because events like this don't usually start till later in the evening and are a 30-45 minute drive for me. Plus the fact that I am pregnant, I did not want to stay out too late :)

We arrived around 5 and were greeted by the nice owners and were immediately offered drinks and desserts, obvi I opted out of the drinks, but I kindly obliged to the delicious desserts.

We toured the salon which was decorated in old hollywood chic style and were very impressed by the attention to detail and all the amazing products they displayed throughout the center of the salon.

These were some of the Marbles Beauty products they offered...

There were also lip balms, moisturizers, and all kids of neat products for your everyday beauty needs

As soon as I saw my cousin Betty, she offered to refresh my makeup and got right to it filling in my brows. She also applied lip liner (which I never use) and some lip gloss, and I swear it looked like I had gotten my lips done they were so full! She did a great job, and has great attention to detail and color for your complexion.

This was my after pic :)

I brought my friend Megan along and she also got her makeup refreshed. Betty did her eyes and she looked gorgeous, except I didn't take a picture of her after (snap!)

We all know that any beauty event is not complete without a fabulous swag bag and Marbles did not disappoint! We received travel size samples of their shampoo and conditioner, an eye liner/lip pencil sharpener, a Kind bar (staying healthy, love that!) and a coupon for half off a Blowout and Makeup service, SCORE!

I had a great time attending this event, it had been a while that I actually got dressed up and got out of the house.

Thank you to Marbles Beauty for the invitation, and to my cousin Betty for introducing me to this amazing place! 

If you live in the area, be sure to call for an appointment and ask for Betty the Beauty expert!

Or, you can follow them on twitter, facebook, and instagram 

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Mrs. S

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Exciting News!

Hello All!

This is it, the post I have been wanting to share with the blogging world for quite a while now.

The post with perhaps the most exciting news I have ever shared with anyone,
in my whole 30 years of life :)

I am so excited to share that we are not just expecting 1 baby, but 2!

The Simmonds family will grow by two little humans by probably January 2015!

Our due date is officially February 2, 2015 (40 weeks), 
but with twins, the norm is to have a 36 week pregnancy which can make our two little bundles arrival as early as New Years!

I wanted to share some photos of our announcement post that I shared on Facebook and Instagram a few weeks ago.

We took these in Cabo on vacation, and I made a photo collage to post on FB.

I haven't shared these sonogram pictures anywhere, but I find it fascinating how much has happened in a matter of 6 weeks, all in my belly

This is at 6 weeks, 

9 weeks, 

and 12 weeks, 

Can you believe the difference!

We have a guess from the doc's on the genders, but we are going to wait till we have official confirmation so we can do a fun gender reveal. Nothing crazy, just family and some close friends.

I haven't had any wild symptoms (thank God), just some tiredness and lots of trips to the bathroom. Oh and the lack of sleep, but are so excited I don't even care that my sleep cycle is completely jacked. Luckily, I am getting a second trimester blast of energy these past few days so I am taking care of some necessary duties before school starts back up. It will be interesting how fast/slow this semester goes, but I am looking forward to all the exciting events to come.

I hope you all are having a great week, and thanks for stopping by!

~Mrs. S